Saturday, 12 April 2014

We've Completed the Course Work for Our Local Adoption

Bob and I had met with Children's Services at the beginning of January to start the process for our local adoption.  We had submitted the request for our Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention Check, along with all of our supporting documents to start (i.e. Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, etc.) to start this process.

We had then also registered for and attended the required courses, which ran from the beginning of February through the middle of March.

However, we did have a wrench thrown in to our plans mid-January.  I had been corresponding with my ex-husband's son, who is now 18 years.  My ex-husband and his new wife had moved to another province and his son was homeless in Edmonton.  We had brought him down to Calgary on a bus and he's been living with us ever since.  He's finishing his high school diploma and has been working out at they gym.  Changing his diet and exercise regime has allowed for him to gain 30 lbs over the past few months.  He has some issues he has to deal with, but he's much healthier and in a much better place.  We're also working on helping him rebuild his relationship with his biological father.

Because we are now the parent to a teen (one who I have had a bond with for years), our adoption is on hold.  We would need to wait until January to move forward, as 12 months would be required before adding additional children in to a family with Children's Services.