Monday, 1 July 2013

And, Still Waiting

We've recently received a few notifications from our agency.  As Canadians require more paperwork in order for travel to be approved by CIC, they are now going to charge Canadian families more for their matches.  This is bittersweet.  On one hand, we know there is greater chance that Part II of immigration will be approved by CIC, on the other hand, shouldn't that already be included?

The other notification we've received is that the DRC officials are now approving exit letters again.

The delay in our match is partly based on the delay in exit letters and partly due to the changes in the program for Canadians.

We're continuously told that we're at the front of the line and we should be matched shortly.  It just depends on the next set of children to come in to the orphanage.  When I spoke with the ladies at Alberta Children's Services, they told me that everyone is told they're next in line, regardless of agency or countries for adoption and they wish the agencies would stop telling parents this.  We believe we should be receiving our match within the next couple of months, but we're not entirely sure...

I guess we're just going to have to continue to wait and see...


  1. Have you heard the rumour of a potential moratorium on Canadians adopting from DRC? I've been worried about that as we also plan to adopt from DRC. Which agency are you working with?

    This sounds like good news to me because it sounds like things are moving forward! I hope you get your referral soon!

  2. Hope you get your referral SOON! It took over 15 months for us (with OWAS.) It is so very hard waiting...pre and post referral...perhaps only adoptive parents can fathom just how difficult it is. Hang in there!
    Hugs from a fellow Albertan,

  3. Hang in there Marni! CIC is approving Congolese children for citizenship, AB is still approving homestudies for DRC adoptions and exit letters are being issued. Just need those darn visas. Things are looking up though! I think all these kinks will be worked out by the time you get that referral and it will be a quick process for you to bring your kiddo home!

  4. Sorry to hear about the difficulties! :(

    “Advocating for international adoption because kids belong in families, not orphanages.“
    Children Deserve Families

  5. They are approving homestudies for families that are already approved to obtain homestudies,but they are NOT approving families to obtain a homestudy :( We have begged abd asked if we proove case history through a third party etc. They still will not allow has to move forward and give us permission to obtain another homestudy from the country our daughter is from. So frustrating!!

  6. I would question fee, because American require more immigration appts, and fees etc. CND process is waaayyy easier than the American and plus we do not require the additional 3-6 month investigation so I would demand an explaination and breakdown of fees...

  7. @Gypsy Mama - I have not heard of a moratorium on Canadians adopting from DRC, so I Googled this and found this for Canadians adopting from other countries, but not DRC. We're working with One World Adoption Services (OWAS), similar to hoozhooz.

    @hoozhooz - Good to know. I'm also originally from St.Albert and in the Edmonton area often, so one of these days, we'll have to meet.

    @Gina - love to you and Robert. We can't wait for your to bring your daughter home and one day meet her. Lots of love.

    @Katie - Thank you.

    @Journey to You! - good to know. Thank you for sharing.

    @Anonymous - I'm not sure which process is easier, but good to know. Thank you.