Monday, 11 November 2013

We're Still Adopting

After closing our case for International Adoption with Alberta Children's Services and with the DRC Program with our Agency, we have decided to continue on the adoption path, but we've completely changed course.

We've submitted our application to adopt with the
Wednesday's Child Program.

We have decided to adopt a child or sibling pair that is currently in our local Foster Care System.

I had attended the information session the first Wednesday of October, when Bob was in Albania and then dropped off our application the following Friday.  When I attended the session in October, it seemed as though we were a unique case.

I attended the November session, this time with Bob, and we found out that we're one of 35 families who have recently changed from an African adoption program to the Wednesday's Child Program.

It looks like it will take another 3 - 4 months for our first interview and to be assigned to a case worker. Since we already have our paperwork from our dossier, the steps to complete our revised home study will go quickly.  However, we are, sort of, starting the process all over again.

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