Friday, 17 February 2012

The First Meeting of Our Home Studay

On Friday, February 10, our Social Worker, Sterna, came to our home to ask us some questions and see where we live.  She first came in and sat down at our kitchen table to explain the process and we then did a tour of our home so she could see it.  After the tour was done, we went back to our table (where I served Tea, Coffee, and Mini Crave Cupcakes) and we proceeded with the interviews.  She asked us questions on our personalities, how we saw ourselves and how we saw each other.  She asked us questions about our families and our experiences growing up.  
I was nervous for the meeting, because I didn't know what to expect.  It went well.  We have our next meetings, which are individual meetings with Sterna at the Agencies office this Tuesday evening.  She will meet with each of us for an hour and ask some more personal questions.
We would have one meeting after that as a couple and then they will work on completing our Home Assessment report to be sent to Children Services with our provincial government.

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